What Is The 4 & 2 & 1 OPTAVIA Plan

The 4 & 2 & 1 OPTAVIA Plan is a weight-loss and healthy living program that was created by Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen.

It is based on the premise that it is possible to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight by eating four meals a day, two snacks, and one “lean and green” meal.

The plan includes a variety of healthy foods, including lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats.

This is how easy it is: Consume four fuelings, two lean and green meals, and one nutritious snack per day.Every two to three hours, they consume food six times a day.

You can include an optavia snack, carbohydrate, fruit, or dairy choice at one of your mealtimes when following the optimal weight 4 & 2 & 1 Plan.

For the best control of blood sugar and hunger, keep your meals to six per day, spaced two to three hours apart.

The 4 2 1 OPTAVIA Plan: How Many Calories?

You should get in touch with your healthcare practitioner beforehand, advises OPTAVIA. How many calories and carbohydrates does the Optimal Weight 4 & 2 & 1 Plan have?

Depending on individual preferences, the Optimal Weight 4 & 2 & 1 Plan offers between 1100 and 1300 calories and 85 and 100 grams of carbohydrates daily.

Can I do Optavia on my own?

Optavia employs comparable meals with the same macronutrient profile, but customers may enroll in the program online.

It’s pricey. Optavia is an expensive diet, like other branded products. Newgent said that Optavia diet programs are “not for you if you’re trying to be price cautious.”

The approximate $428 cost of the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan for 119 meals, or $17 per day, plus any additional charges for the “Lean & Green” dinner.

Is Optavia a Pyramid Scheme?

Optavia appears to be a pyramid scheme in every way. A corporation that depends on individuals selling their goods for a piece of the profit and establishes a chain of people receiving profit shares is the best way to describe a pyramid scheme.

Optavia Fueling Substitutes

  • Fruit like pears or apples.
  • Veggies like carrot sticks, broccoli florets or cucumber slices.
  • Nuts.
  • Seeds.
  • Roasted chickpeas.
  • Popcorn.

Optavia Snacks

  • 3 celery stalks.
  • 1/2 cup serving sugar-free gelatin, such as Jell-O®
  • Up to 3 pieces of sugar-free mints.
  • 2 pieces sugar-free pastilles.
  • 3 tablespoons dried anchovies (ikan bilis)
  • 15g of nuts: almonds (10 whole), walnuts (7 halves), or pistachios (20 kernels)*

Optavia Coaches: Earnings Per Client

OPTAVIA. On the Personal Compensation Volume (PCV) of orders placed by their frontline (Level 1) clients, coaches receive a 15% commission.

Benefits of Bentonite Clay for Weight Loss New Optavia Weight Loss Reviews Approved by the FDA « Conquip Continence Services.

Why is OPTAVIA unhealthy?

Leg cramps, lethargy or drowsiness, headaches, loose skin, hair loss, rashes, gas, diarrhea, foul breath, gallstones or gallbladder disease for those at risk, constipation, and (for females) changes in menstruation are possible side effects.

OPTIVIA is not necessarily safe for everyone, despite the apparent absence of notable dangers.

The cons of OPTAVIA

  • Nutrient deficiency: This diet may cause nutrient deficiency if calorie levels are too low for too long
  • Reduced sports performance: Dropping weight quickly can also reduce sports performance
  • Sales pressure: Coaching “support” can also be a drawback.

People Who Should Not Do the OPTAVIA Diet

Teenagers, sedentary older adults (65 years and older), nursing mothers, people with gout, some people with diabetes, and people who exercise more than 45 minutes per day are NOT suitable for the Optimal Weight 5 &1 Plan®.

If you fall into one of these categories, please consult your healthcare provider and visit www.

Is the Optavia diet a ketogenic one? No, the Optavia diet does not contain as few carbohydrates as the ketogenic diet does.

On a ketogenic diet, you consume a lot of fat, some protein, and very little carbohydrate.

Are Optavia Fuelings healthy?

In addition to being heavily processed, the fuels also include a lot of chemicals, sugar replacements, and refined vegetable oils.

Your gut health may be harmed as a result, and chronic inflammation may develop.

OPTAVIA “Fuelings” are interchangeable and include savory chips, pasta, soups, and sweet bars, shakes, and puddings.

The 5&1 Plan specifies 22 boxes every month, which translates to $416 to $505 per month.

Can You Have Bacon on Optavia?

Browse our fantastic collection of OPTAVIA Bacon recipes to find ones that will help you stick to your diet plan and lose weight.

The greatest recipes for lean and green bacon that we could discover have been collected, along with some other fantastic OPTAVIA bacon dishes, in one convenient location.

from Optavia Yes, we do. This fuelling hack recipe for 2-ingredient peanut butter energy bites can give you a tasty snack that is still within your diet.

The recipe is designated as an optional snack.

How much do Optavia coaches make?

$65,148. At OPTAVIA, the average annual salary for a health coach is $65,148. In our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model, which is based on wages gathered from our customers, this value indicates the median, which is the middle of the ranges. $50,358 is the expected basic salary annually.

A calorie deficit is produced by the Optavia diet, which promotes weight loss. You will consume between 800 and 1,000 calories per day while following the 5:1 regimen, which Optavia suggests for weight loss.

It is a low-carb diet with 80–100 grams of carbs per day.

Bars Comparable to Optavia

  • Happy Muncher’s Fueling-Substitute Recipe Book
  • WonderSlim Meal Replacement Protein Bar
  • Quest Nutrition (High Protein) 2.12 Ounce Bars
  • GoRaw Dark Chocolate Protein Bars (Vegan Alternative) .
  • RXBAR Protein Bar
  • Kellogg’s Special K Protein Bars
  • IQ Bars.

Although this is only a temporary situation, be sure to pay special attention to your appetite at this time.

Have an extra snack or a few more ounces of lean protein if you find that you are too hungry or exhausted in the first few days (for example, two hard-boiled eggs, two low-fat cheese sticks, three to four ounces of cooked chicken breast, etc.).

Can you have fruit on Optavia?

The alternatives provided should not be used in place of OPTAVIA Fuelings during the program’s weight-loss phase.

For your daily healthy snack on the Optimal Weight 4 & 2 & 1 Plan® and Optimal Weight 5 & 2 & 2 Plan®, you may include 1-2 servings (depending on your plan) of carbohydrates, fruit, or dairy.

If after two weeks you realize that no weight has been lost, make sure you’re adhering to your plan precisely, skipping no fuelings, eating just Lean & Green, and weighing and measuring your servings. carefully Make sure you drink plenty of water.

We advise consuming 64 ounces of water per day.

The Most Successful Weight Loss Plan

1. The Mediterranean diet is the healthiest overall. For practically everyone, even women over 50, the Mediterranean diet is routinely ranked as one of the healthiest eating regimens.

This diet is distinguished by its low quantity of saturated fat and was developed based on the 1960s eating habits of people in Greece and Southern Italy.

Crunch and popcorn In addition to Fuelings and Lean and Green dinners, you can enjoy an optional snack on each of our daily programs!Keep these on hand for a blast of flavor and a pleasant crunch in all of our plans.

They are portion-regulated, guilt-free, and easy.

Can you drink coffee on Optavia?

Does consuming coffee while taking Optavia or Medifast pose any risks? Yes, you are allowed to drink coffee while watching the program, adds Christman.

However, “since you may be more sensitive to the effects of caffeine on a reduced-calorie diet plan, we recommend limiting caffeine to 300 mg or less per day.”

I was able to achieve my goal of becoming a fireman because of the program’s ease of use and the encouragement of my independent OPTAVIA Coach.

Penelope L. The Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan TM results in a 12-pound weight reduction on average (5.4 kg).

On average, clients lose weight for 12 weeks.

Will I Gain Weight Back After Optavia?

Optavia plans can help you lose weight, but after you stop using them, you can put the weight back on.

The Optavia programs also promote the use of Optavia “Fuelings,” which include bars, shakes, cookies, puddings, cereals, and soups, as a major source of calories.

Diets that drastically reduce calories, such as the Atkins diet, cause fast weight loss that can result in hair loss.

The Best Optavia Fuelings

  • (2) Dark Chocolate Covered Cherry Shake.
  • (2) Buttermilk Cheddar Herb Biscuit.
  • (4) Cinnamon Cream Cheese Swirl Cake.
  • (2) Dark Chocolate Coconut Curry Bar.
  • Honey Chili Cranberry Nut Bar.
  • (3) Chocolate Cherry Ganache Bar.
  • (2) Honey Sweet Potatoes.
  • Spinach Pesto Mac & Cheese.

You might perhaps make between $1000 and $2000 by assisting just 11 to 17 individuals in a month.

How long does Optavia take to work?

Before beginning and throughout your weight loss journey, OPTAVIA advises that you get in touch with your healthcare professional.

If you adhere to the guidelines of the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan®, it typically takes 3 to 5 days to enter the fat-burning stage.

Alcohol use is not advised while participating in the OPTAVIA Program. Alcohol use raises your calorie and carbohydrate intake, which can prevent weight loss by preventing your body from burning fat.

For the following reasons, alcohol is not advised: It adds additional calories with no nutritious benefit.

Why is OPTAVIA so cold?

You might become chillier. According to Apovian, when you lose weight, your body will strive to conserve energy by slowing down your metabolic rate.

And because it uses less energy, there aren’t many extra calories to keep you warm.

You could feel chilly if you no longer have fat that serves as an insulator.

It is critical that you consume your lean and green meal(s), as well as all of your fuelings, in their entirety.If you skip a meal, you might need to eat more often apart from that meal in order to make up for it.

Medifast is beneficial, but for some people it may be excessively pricey or complicated. Thankfully, creating your own Medifast-like strategy is not too difficult.

Your Medifast-clone diet should be centered around consuming four to five protein drinks per day, plus one substantial, healthy meal at night.

Shakes Similar to Optavia

  • 1 LYFE Fuel Meal Replacement Shake – Best Overall.
  • 2 Fit & Lean Meal Replacement Shake – Runner Up.
  • 3 ViSalus Vi-Shape Meal Replacement Shake – Honorable Mention.
  • 4 310 Shake Meal Replacement – Also Consider.
  • 5 SlimFast Original Meal Replacement Shake.

Due to its nutritional value, cheese may be incorporated into the Optavia and the 5&1 Plan as a protein, healthy fat, or condiment.

OPTAVIA-Approved Beverages

As a result, while unsweetened tea and coffee are technically allowed on the OPTAVIA program and will contribute to your total hydration, we still recommend drinking 64 ounces of water per day.

Explore our fantastic collection of OPTAVIA Ice Cream recipes to find the one that will help you stick to your diet plan and lose weight.

In one convenient location, we’ve gathered the greatest lean and green ice cream recipes we could discover, along with some other fantastic OPTAVIA ice cream ideas.


  • Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan. ®
  • Optimal Weight 4 & 2 & 1 Plan. ®
  • Optimal Weight 5 & 2 & 2 Plan. ®
  • Optimal Health 3 & 3 Plan. ®
  • OPTAVIA for Nursing Mothers.
  • OPTAVIA for Diabetes.
  • OPTAVIA for Gout.
  • OPTAVIA for Seniors (65 years and older)

OPTAVIA “Fuelings” are interchangeable and include savory chips, pasta, soups, and sweet bars, shakes, and puddings.

The 5&1 Plan specifies 22 boxes every month, which translates to $416 to $505 per month.

OPTAVIA 5 and 1 Plan: How Many Calories?

Given that it contains just 800 to 1000 calories, the 5 & 1 plan is regarded as a very low-calorie diet.

It is quite challenging to consume all of the essential nutrients when calorie consumption is so low, and evidence does not necessarily support the maintenance of the diet or the weight reduction.

The bottom line

Optavia resembles a pyramid scam in every aspect, it seems. The estimated $428 price of the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan, which works out to $17 a day or 119 meals, Newgent said that Optavia diet plans are “not for you if you’re trying to be price conservative.”

The Optavia diet has more carbs than the ketogenic diet does. Optavia “Fuelings” can be anything from salty chips, spaghetti, soups, and shakes to sweet bars, puddings, and puddings.

OPTAVIA pays a health coach a yearly salary of $65,148 on average. Plans from Optavia can assist you in losing weight, but if you stop using them, you risk gaining it back.

On average, the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan TM leads to a 12-pound weight loss (5.4 kg).

Clients often lose weight for 12 weeks. When you drink alcohol, you consume more calories and carbohydrates, which might hinder weight loss.

The monthly minimum for the 5&1 Plan is 22 boxes, or $416 to $505 on average.

With so few calories consumed, it might be difficult to get all of the necessary nutrients.



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