What Are The 10 Highest Foods In Potassium

Potassium is an essential mineral for human health and is found in many foods. Here are 10 of the highest potassium foods, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

1. White beans: 1 cup of cooked beans has about 1,300 mg of potassium.

2. Lima beans: 1 cup of cooked beans has about 1,260 mg of potassium. 3.

Soaked soybeans: 1 cup of soaked soybeans has about 1,230 mg of potassium. 4. Black beans: 1 cup of cooked beans has about 1,200 mg of potassium.

5. Navy beans: 1 cup cooked navy beans has about 1,170 mg of potassium. 6.

Kidney beans: 1 cup of cooked beans has about 1,150 mg of potassium. 7. Pinto beans: 1 cup of cooked beans has about 1,140 mg of potassium.

8. Split peas: 1 cup of cooked split peas has about 1,090 mg of potassium.

9. Lentils: 1 cup of cooked lentils has about 1,070 mg of potassium. 10. Chickpeas: 1 cup of cooked chickpeas has about 1,040 mg of potassium.

  • Bok choy, 1 cup cooked (630 mg)
  • Potato, medium (610 mg)
  • White beans, 1/2 cup (600 mg)
  • Beets, 1 cup (520 mg)
  • Brussels sprouts, 1 cup cooked (500 mg)
  • Broccoli, 1 cup cooked (460 mg)
  • Cantaloupe, 1 cup (430 mg)
  • Banana, 1 medium (420 mg)

What is the Highest Food with Potassium?

  • lima beans.
  • Pinto beans.
  • Kidney beans.
  • Soybeans.
  • Lentils.

How to Get 100% of Potassium

  • Add spinach or other leafy greens to your sandwiches.
  • Toss fresh or dried apricots into plain non-fat yogurt for a snack.
  • Enjoy a cup of low-sodium bean soup for lunch.
  • Eat a small baked potato or sweet potato instead of bread at dinner.

Juices made from fruits and vegetables are another quick and simple way to enhance your potassium consumption. The highest potassium seems to be present in citrus juices (see Figure 3 ).

One cup (240 mL) of 100% orange juice, for instance, contains 10% of the daily value (DV) for potassium, whereas the same amount of grapefruit juice has 9% of the DV ( 30 , 31 ).

Is chicken high in potassium?

Most meats give your meals a potassium boost. 332 milligrams of chicken breast are found in a 3-ounce portion, whereas 315 and 212 mg of beef and turkey breast are also present.

Fruit with the Most Potassium

  • Avocados.
  • Bananas.
  • Beets and beet greens.
  • Brussels sprouts.
  • Cantaloupe.
  • Dates.
  • Nectarines.
  • Oranges and orange juice.

Eggs and Potassium

About 63 mg of potassium is included in one big egg. 1. Although eggs are regarded as a low-potassium food, talk to your doctor or nutritionist to see how frequently you should consume them.

Additionally, peanut butter provides you with some fiber, vitamins, minerals, 200 milligrams of potassium, and other nutrients. The potassium-to-sodium ratio in unsalted peanut butter, which comprises 5 milligrams of sodium, is excellent.

Even with salt, salted peanut butter has twice as much potassium as sodium.

Are apples high in potassium?

Fruits low in potassium: apples (plus apple juice and applesauce).

How Much Potassium Should I Eat Every Day?

  • Dried fruits (raisins, apricots)
  • Beans, lentils.
  • Potatoes.
  • Winter squash (acorn, butternut)
  • Spinach, broccoli.
  • Beet greens.
  • Avocado.
  • Bananas.

What Vegetable Has the Most Potassium?

Dark leafy greens like spinach, which when cooked have an incredible 1,180 mg per cup, are some of the finest sources of potassium, according to USDA data.

With almost 1,000 mg per cooked cup, Swiss chard comes in second, and even cooked bok choy has about 445 mg per cup.

There are numerous causes of low potassium (hypokalemia). The most common reason is increased potassium loss in urine as a result of prescription drugs that make you urinate more frequently.

These medicines, also referred to as diuretics or water pills, are frequently administered to patients with excessive blood pressure or heart disease.

Is chocolate high in potassium?

Dark chocolate provides the most potassium when compared to white, milk, and 1-ounce amounts of the other three. The potassium content of one ounce of dark chocolate is about 158 mg.

A bar of dark chocolate, however, would be seen as a high-potassium treat.

It contains fewer than 50 mg of potassium per serving: 1 ounce of cheese (20 to 30).

Is Yogurt High in Potassium?

Potassium, riboflavin, and calcium are all abundant in yogurt. You get 380 mg of potassium from this creamy delicacy in one cup (245 grams) ( 52 ).

Is oatmeal high in potassium?

Oats are a type of whole grain that is regarded as an excellent source of potassium. Oatmeal, whether instant or steel-cut, has 130 milligrams of potassium per serving.

When you include high-potassium fruits in your oatmeal, you can greatly enhance your daily dose of potassium.

Chronic kidney disease, uncontrolled diabetes, dehydration, an accident that results in significant bleeding, eating too much dietary potassium, and some drugs are the main causes of hyperkalemia.

At-Home Potassium Testing

Options for at-home kits to measure potassium levels are scarce or nonexistent. If a 24-hour urine test is recommended, you must collect your pee throughout the day, even at home.

If you cook a 4-ounce piece of chicken, turkey, fish, or beef and serve it with a baked sweet potato and half a cup of steaming or roasted broccoli, you can get there.

If you don’t get the recommended 4,700 mg every single day, don’t freak out.

Is ice cream high in potassium?

Potassium is abundant in foods like milk, yogurt, ice cream, pudding, soy milk, and cream soups.

Milk and milk-based yogurts are examples of dairy items that are high in potassium; the lower the fat content, the higher the potassium level.

For instance, a cup of 1% milk has 366 mg, while a cup of skim milk has 381 mg.

Are Eggs High in Potassium?

About 63 mg of potassium is included in one big egg. 1. Although eggs are regarded as a low-potassium food, talk to your doctor or nutritionist to see how frequently you should consume them.

A healthy adult should strive to eat 3,500–4,700 mg of magnesium each day. Include a few items high in potassium in your diet, such as spinach, yams, avocados, bananas, and fish, such as salmon, to enhance your consumption.

What are the benefits of potassium?

  • Potatoes. Spuds are a smart choice, just leave the nutrient-rich skins intact
  • Legumes. Beans are a good source of potassium
  • Juices. People often reach for whole fruit over juices since whole fruits are a good source of fiber
  • Seafood
  • Leafy greens
  • Dairy
  • Tomatoes
  • Bananas.

Foods That Have a Lot of Potassium

  • Dried fruits (raisins, apricots)
  • Beans, lentils.
  • Potatoes.
  • Winter squash (acorn, butternut)
  • Spinach, broccoli.
  • Beet greens.
  • Avocado.
  • Bananas.

The summary

10% of the daily value (DV) for potassium is present in one cup of 100% orange juice. The majority of meats add potassium to your meals.

Compared to one ounce each of white, milk, and the other three foods, dark chocolate has the most potassium. One of the best sources of potassium is oats.

Each serving of oatmeal, whether instant or steel-cut, contains 130 milligrams of potassium. Take potassium-rich foods like spinach, yams, avocados, bananas, and fish into account when planning your diet.



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