How Do I Connect To PM3

If you’re looking to connect your PM3 to your computer, there are a few things you’ll need to do.

First, you’ll need to make sure you have the proper cables. Second, you’ll need to install the Concept2 Utility software.

Once you have those things squared away, you’ll be able to connect your PM3 to your computer and start using the Concept2 Utility software to track your rowing workouts.

  • Plug the flat end (the Type A or Type C plug) of the USB cable into a USB port on your computer.
  • Plug the square end (the Type B plug) of the USB cable into the PM, taking care to insert the plug correctly (see image below).

Re: PM3 and PM5 differences. Additionally, the PM5 goes through batteries rather quickly. The PM5 differs simply in that it has additional bluetooth and ANT+ features and may be used with a heart rate monitor.

Can You Upgrade PM3 to PM5?

Pm3 to PM5: Is the process similar to plugging in a new device? The pickup-cable connection for the PM5 has been changed from the right side to the left, necessitating the purchase of a new monitor arm.

The PM5 and the new arm are available as a package deal in an upgrade kit.

Start the ErgData program. Verify that on any of the ErgData displays, the phrase “Please connect PM3, PM4 or PM5” shows in the bottom left corner (If the message does not appear, then there is a problem with your iOS device.).

Does the concept 2 pm3 have Bluetooth?

This supports both Bluetooth Low Energy and ANT+ at the same time, making it a more innovative and adaptable choice than utilizing a cable.

Additionally, it means that you can connect your monitor to a wider range of iOS and Android devices as well as a variety of heart rate monitors.

Rowing for Muscle Gain

You’ll work out your entire body. Perhaps you believe that rowing results in ripped arms. But according to the American Fitness Professionals Association, rowing consists primarily of the lower body (65–75%) and the upper body (25–35%).

It will obliterate your obliques, pecs, arms, upper back, and pecs. Additionally, it will tone your glutes, calves, and quads.

Each stroke on the rowing machine works all of your major muscle groups, making it one of the best exercises for building muscle.

A further benefit of rowing is that it combines both cardiovascular exercise and strength training into a single, very effective workout that burns plenty of calories.

Is it OK to use a rowing machine every day?

Don’t go right into using a rowing machine, even if you’re eager to benefit from its health benefits. Rowing is a great cardio activity for beginners to do three times per week.

In order to give your muscles time to heal between workout days, you should ideally allow one.

PM2 stands for Performance Monitor 2. You can swap it out with the PM5 from our online store if you are experiencing problems with it and are unable to fix them by utilizing troubleshooting.

As retrofit instructions and components vary from machine to machine, please make sure you choose the correct machine when placing your order.

Upgrading the Monitor on a concept2 rower

A PM5 monitor with Bluetooth can be added to almost all Concept 2 rowing machines, which is what is needed to connect to asensei.

Instead of a PM5 with Bluetooth, older models of Concept2 rowing machines may feature a PM3 or PM4, which may be upgraded.

This is accomplished by securing the Connect2 Rower monitor to the apparatus and connecting your phone to it using the LiveRowing Connect with Apple Lightning cord.

After that, the monitor may gather information from any digital display and transmit it to the app.

Does Holofit work with Concept 2?

All indoor bikes may be used with HOLOFIT and Concept2 HOLOFIT. All you need to do is attach a cadence sensor to get started!

However, HOLOFIT now directly integrates with Concept2 Bike Ergs! As a result of our testing, your C2 PM5 Bike Erg may now be used with HOLOFIT without the need for an additional cadence sensor.

Connecting Your Logbook to Your PM5

  • Insert your USB flash drive into your computer.
  • Attach your PM5 to your computer using a standard USB cable.
  • Connect your PM or card reader to your computer and insert your LogCard into it.

Recently, I’ve been testing out the EXR Rowing App, which I would best characterize as “Zwift for Rowers.” In order to provide an online training platform with a fantastic selection of exercises, gamification, and virtual settings, EXR is able to interact with a variety of rowers.

How do I update my pm4?

Utilize a USB cable to connect your performance monitor to your computer. Wait until the Concept2 Utility displays “CONNECTED” in a green box.

The Firmware Update button If an update is available, the Concept2 Utility will detect it by examining the Performance Monitor’s loaded firmware.

Based in Morrisville, Vermont, Concept2, Inc. is an American producer of workout machines and rowing gear.

How long does it take to row 2000 meters?

The Olympic distance of 2,000 meters, which emphasizes endurance, power delivery, and mental toughness, is more explicitly the focus of this sentence.

It’s also one of the few cardio exercises that helps you gain muscle. A 2K row in 7 min 30 sec is commendable, and 7 min is outstanding.

Here is how to do it.

Because rowing works every muscle in the body, it burns a lot of calories; on an indoor rower, you’ll burn more calories per minute than you would on a machine that works fewer muscles.

When did the PM5 come out?

The Performance Monitor is also a touch underwhelming, which is understandable given that the PM5 debuted in 2006. Even though Peloton doesn’t yet make a rowing machine, I have a terrible case of Peloton envy because of its monochromatic display and limited feature set.

How to Replace a Concept 2 Monitor

  • Launch the Concept2 Utility.
  • On the main screen, click Maintenance and Settings.
  • Click Perform Monitor Maintenance.
  • Select PM3, PM4 or PM5 as appropriate for the monitor you want to maintain
  • Use a USB cable (standard printer cable) to connect the monitor to your computer.
  • Click Convert Monitor Type.

The PM5: What Does It Do?

gives you the choice of viewing your exercise intensity in pace, watts, or calories. Additionally, it shows the total amount of time or meters used, depending on the type of exercise.

Legs for a RowErg are standard. Our most popular machine is the RowErg, which has a seat height of 14″.

This option is our most cost-effective and gives you everything you need for an excellent workout. On-water athletes searching for the same training as in most boathouses are most familiar with the RowErg.

ErgData and Strava Syncing

This implies that you can quickly transmit exercises to the Logbook and, from there, to websites like Strava, Garmin Connect, Training Peaks, and more if you use our free smartphone app, ErgData (or something similar).

play music from the phone to a device that supports Bluetooth (car, video receiver, etc.). Your desired Bluetooth should be turned on.

Connect your phone to Bluetooth by going to configuration. Connect your PC and phone using a USB cord.

How do I connect my phone to MP3?

You might try purchasing an OTG USB cable, which has a female USB-A connector on one end for the MP3 player and a microUSB connector on the other, and then using your phone’s file manager to move the tracks around.

MP3 Files on Phone

  • Google Play Music.
  • Musixmatch.
  • Rocket Player. Rocket Player may not be the prettiest music player but it is the best option if you want to sync your iTunes library with your Android phone
  • Shuttle.
  • Orpheus.
  • Poweramp.
  • Also see.

How to transfer music from your phone to your MP3 player

You must first transfer the music files from your Android phone to your computer, then use a USB cable to connect the MP3 player to your computer to transfer the music files to your MP3 player.

The summary

The PM5 may be used with a heart rate monitor and has extra Bluetooth and ANT+ functions. An upgrade kit is offered that includes the PM5 and the improved monitor arm.

Rowing is an extremely efficient workout that mixes cardiovascular activity with strength training and burns a lot of calories. Almost all Concept 2 rowing machines can be upgraded with a PM5 monitor with Bluetooth.

HOLOFIT and Concept2 Bike Ergs are now directly integrated. Considering that the PM5 arrived in 2006, it is reasonable that the Performance Monitor is a little lacking as well.

The RowErg, which is our most well-liked machine, has a seat height of 14. This option is the most affordable of ours and provides you with everything you need for a great workout.

Track workouts with our free smartphone app, ErgData, and post them to platforms like Strava.


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