Can You Take Phentermine While On Wellbutrin

If you are considering taking phentermine while on wellbutrin, it is important to speak with your doctor first.

While both medications can help with weight loss, they can also have dangerous side effects when taken together.

Your doctor will be able to determine if this is the right course of treatment for you and will be able to monitor you for any potential side effects.

Answer: These two medications have a MAJOR interaction with one another, according to a drug interaction checker, which is really fairly uncommon.

The issue is that taking wellbutrin is linked to a higher risk of seizures. If you were to take phentermine along with it, that risk would be significantly increased.

Combining naltrexone and bupropion with a low-calorie diet and appropriate exercise will help you lose weight and keep it off.

People who are overweight or very overweight and who have health issues due to their weight should take this medication.

weight loss on Wellbutrin

How long does it take Wellbutrin to start helping you lose weight? It is possible to notice weight changes in Wellbutrin side effect sufferers who lose weight within eight weeks.

Wellbutrin is not a weight-loss medication, so using it for this purpose may not yield reliable results.

using Both Wellbutrin XL and Wellbutrin SR are associated with side effects that include weight fluctuations. According to studies on Wellbutrin XL, 23% of those who took a daily dose of 150 to 300 mg lost 5 pounds or more.

11% of participants in the same research put on more than 5 pounds.

What is the strongest weight loss prescription pill?

Qsymia, a combination of phentermine and topiramate, is currently the most successful weight loss medication on the market. It combines a neurostabilizer with an adrenergic agonist.

Four strengths of daily dosing range from 3.75/23 mg to 15 mg/92 mg.

Usually, insurance companies don’t pay for diet medicines. Several medical professionals are now combining phentermine with other medications, particularly well-known antidepressants like Prozac, Effexor, and Celexa.

Does Wellbutrin Curb Appetite?

It activates the receptors for noradrenaline, dopamine, and (less so) serotonin. This increases your energy levels, curbs your hunger, and lifts your spirits.

You may be able to manage your sugar cravings and alter your eating patterns with the aid of medications made to balance brain neurotransmitters or reduce hunger, such as the antidepressants Prozac and Wellbutrin or the weight-loss drug phentermine.

Why does Wellbutrin give you energy?

Therapy and other non-pharmaceutical methods can also be beneficial. How much energy does Wellbutrin provide you with? Wellbutrin is a norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor (NDRI) that works well for treating fatigue.

According to the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, it is one of the non-SSRI antidepressants that is most invigorating, according to the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America.

Wellbutrin helps manage the symptoms of ADHD but is most commonly used to treat depressive disorders. Wellbutrin, like Adderall, can raise dopamine levels in the brain.

How does Wellbutrin affect metabolism?

Both of these substances increase in the brain as a result (Huecker, 2020). The exact mechanism through which bupropion promotes weight loss is unclear to experts.

It might have an impact on brain receptors and neurotransmitters that control metabolism and hunger.

Within the first two weeks, there may be some improvement in sleep, energy, or appetite. These bodily symptoms becoming better can be a crucial early sign that the drug is working.

It may take up to 6–8 weeks for the depressed mood and lack of interest in activities to completely improve.

How long does it take for Wellbutrin to kick in?

Wellbutrin, also known as bupropion, often takes six to eight weeks to fully take effect when used as a depression medication.

However, as soon as one to two weeks into treatment, you can start to see improvements in your sleep patterns, appetite, and level of energy.

Wellbutrin (bupropion), an antidepressant, has been linked to alopecia, or hair loss. Other antidepressants also have the potential to cause this side effect.

Do not take phentermine with other weight loss medications.

When using this drug, do not take MAO inhibitors such as isocarboxazid, linezolid, metaxalone, methylene blue, moclobemide, phenelzine, procarbazine, rasagiline, safinamide, selegiline, or tranylcypromine.

In general, MAO inhibitors shouldn’t be used for two weeks prior to receiving this drug.

Can you take Adderall and phentermine?

relationships between your medications. Between Adderall and phentermine, there were no interactions discovered.

Buprenorphine’s analgesic effects may be enhanced by phentermine. When Phentermine and Buspirone are combined, there is a chance that the risk or severity of serotonin syndrome will increase.

The bottom line

Weight changes are one of the negative effects of Wellbutrin XL and Wellbutrin SR. The most effective weight loss drug available right now is Qsymia, a phentermine and topiramate combination.

Additionally, helpful are therapy and other non-pharmaceutical techniques. Wellbutrin (bupropion) has been connected to alopecia, or hair loss. Avoid using MAO inhibitors such as isocarboxazid, linezolid, metaxalone, methylene blue, moclobemide, phenelzine, procarbazine, and rasagiline while using this medication.


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