20 Different Ways to Masturbate: For Men and Women

Masturbation is one of the most common sexual activities, yet it is often still seen as taboo. Here are 20 different ways to masturbate, both alone and with a partner.

1. On your own: The majority of people masturbate by touching and rubbing their own genitals. This can be done with your hands, using sex toys, or by using pressure and friction against any surface.

2. With a partner: Many couples enjoy masturbating together. This can be done by each person touching themselves, or one person can stimulate the other’s genitals.

3. Oral sex: During masturbation, both men and women can enjoy giving and receiving oral sex. This can be done by using your mouth, tongue, and lips to stimulate your partner’s genitals.

4. Anal sex: For those who enjoy anal stimulation, anal sex can be an enjoyable way to masturbate. This can be done using fingers, sex toys, or even a penis or strap-on dildo.

5. Prostate stimulation: Men can stimulate their prostate during masturbation for an extra pleasurable experience. This can be done with fingers or a prostate massager inserted into the anus.

6. Breast and nipple play: Both men and women often enjoy touching and stimulating their own or their partner’s breasts during masturbation. This can be done with hands, mouths, or sex toys designed for nipple stimulation.

7. Fantasizing: A big part of masturbation is mental stimulation. Fantasizing about particular sexual scenarios or partners can make masturbation even more pleasurable.

8. Pornography: Another popular way to get aroused before masturbating is to watch pornography. There is pornography available for every taste and fantasy imaginable.

9. Erotica: Reading erotic stories or novels can also be a great way to get in the mood for masturbation. Like pornography, there is erotica available to suit every taste.

10. Listening to audio porn: For those who prefer to hear rather than see their pornography, audio porn is an option. This can be anything from listening to someone describe a sexual fantasy to hearing someone else masturbate over the phone or through an audio recording.

11. Live webcam shows: For those who enjoy interactive pornography, live webcam shows where you can watch and interact with the performer(s) are available.

12. Phone sex: If you prefer to keep your masturbation more private, you can engage in phone sex with a partner or with a professional service.

13. Sexting: For those who want to keep their masturbation more private, sexting – sending sexually explicit text messages or images to another person – is another option.

14. Viagra/Cialis/Levitra: Some men use Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra—erectile dysfunction medications—to maintain an erection long enough to masturbate.

15. Mutual masturbation: Some couples engage in mutual masturbation—where each person stimulates themselves while their partner watches.

16. Group masturbation: Group masturbation is when two or more people masturbate in close proximity to each other.

17. Cybersex: When two or more people engage in online sexual activity via text chat, webcams, or other means, this is referred to as cybersex.

18. Kegel exercises: Kegel exercises are often recommended for women as a way of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

19. Bondage & spanking: For some people, incorporating a little bit of pain into their masturbation enhances the experience.

20. Use of sex toys: Many people use vibrators, dildos, anal beads, etc., during masturbation for added pleasure.

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