15 Soft Foods To Eat After Getting Teeth Pulled

It might be challenging to find foods that are substantial and satisfying while remaining soft and easy to consume once teeth have been removed.
It’s vital to eat what makes you feel well, and bear in mind that people heal at different rates after surgery.

Remember not to use a straw since it can remove blood clots that are growing in your gums. Following is a list of soft foods and liquids that you can incorporate into your diet after dental surgery.

15 best soft foods to eat after wisdom teeth removal

  1. Baby food is an acceptable substitute for puree that has previously been prepared.
  2. Cook apples until soft and mix or use store-bought applesauce. Apricots and peaches are also good options.
  3. Avocados can be mashed alone or blended with your favorite ingredients.
  4. Tinned and mashed baked beans and spaghetti are the softest.
  5. Bananas should be mashed properly and served with yogurt or milk.
  6. Broth – A tasty dish made with chicken, beef, or vegetables.
  7. Casseroles – A soft, well-cooked casserole with plenty of liquid.
  8. Cheesecake (soft) – At the very least, you can have some fun while recovering.
  9. Soft or melted cheeses are available.
  10. Clams – Creamy and smooth, they’re easy to eat.
  11. Congee is a rice porridge that can be flavored in a variety of ways.
  12. Couscous/Semolina is a well-cooked grain that can be either sweet or savory.
  13. Cottage Cheese – plain or with vegetables.
  14. Custard can be made from scratch or purchased ready-made.
  15. Dips such as French onion, hummus, and guacamole (to mention a few) are delicious on their own or as a flavor enhancer for other bland dishes.

Top 10 simple soft foods to eat after dental surgery

  1. Soup
  2. Ice cream
  3. Smoothies
  4. Hummus
  5. Instant oatmeal
  6. Salmon fish
  7. Yogurt
  8. Scrambled eggs
  9. Mashed potatoes
  10. Broths and blended soups

How long do you have to eat soft foods after tooth extraction

Only soft meals and beverages should be consumed for at least 24 hours after the tooth extraction. When you feel ready, you may gradually return to a more typical diet. For a few days, stick to items that are simple to chew. Choose chilled foods such as yogurt, pudding, Jell-O, and ice cream to start.

When should I stop being concerned about dry socket

Because the gums take 7-10 days to close, you can usually stop worrying about the dry socket after that period. Everyone, however, heals at their own pace, which varies according to age, oral health, hygiene, and other factors.

When can I start eating food after wisdom teeth

Most people can return to their regular diet within a week.
So, if you take proper care of your wound and follow your doctor’s instructions, you should be able to consume solid foods within one week of having your wisdom teeth removed.

Can you drink milk after tooth extraction

If you had sedation, avoid milk products (shakes and yogurt) for the first day.
Following sedation, milk products can cause nausea. Drink plenty of fluids to keep your body hydrated, but avoid drinking through a straw for the next 5-7 days.

What can you drink after wisdom teeth removal

Fortunately, you can continue to drink flavored beverages after wisdom teeth removal. Milkshakes, apple juice, ginger ale, smoothies, Gatorade, and other beverages, for example, are all acceptable. Of course, water is perfectly acceptable and, in fact, maybe your healthiest option.


After having a wisdom tooth extracted, it is critical to eat carefully to avoid eating foods that can interfere with healing or cause further problems with the teeth. Soft, healthy foods are recommended because they will not irritate the wound and because the vitamins and minerals in healthy foods may aid in faster healing.

Foods to avoid include those with seeds or small parts that could get into the wound left by wisdom tooth extraction.



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